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April, 2017

The Tomatosoup Band has lost one of our most iconic and most recognized members. Our beloved Bass Drummer has passed away.  Gerry Mansveld had a passion for this band, and always instilled that we have fun as a group.

Gerry was a founding member of the Tomaosoup and had many contacts in Holland, which enabled us to make two (2) memorable trips to his homeland.  In 1999 and again in 2004, we met and enjoyed the company of relatives and friends that Gerry knew.

His nickname may have been `Grumpy`, but he was far from that.  Gerry and I connected early.  We both knew how to sniff out a good pub and argued over who would pay the bill.  His droll look and bowler hat were always a favorite photo for anyone who wanted a picture with the band.   The beat of his Bass Drum always started something and was never off beat.  I learned alot about Holland through Gerry, their culture and to entertain the crowd.

I will miss his genuine smile, his hat,and his beat on the drum...His Drum.  I will be sitting in YOUR seat on the next road trip and prosting you.  We will always remember you

 It was very nice to see so many people out for the visitation.

And the Beat Goes On....

Terry Toll




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